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Theoretic and industrial heating engineering - TIHE /

About sub-department

bachelors and master's degrees of speciality number 7.090510 (8.090510) "Teploenergetika".
Graduating students get complete higher education after this speciality and qualification power engineering engineer-specialist or master's degree of energy. The level of solvable professional tasks lies the graduating students of speciality scope from participating in the certain kind of activity to independent guidance by these types of activity in industry of energy on engineering and leading positions.
The graduating students of speciality is the engineers-heating engineering of wide type, which after adaptation can take part in production-technological, to organizationally leading, to project and research activity in industry of exploitation, development, introduction, editing, adjusting, technical service, repair, modernization thermo energetic and thermo technical of energy productive and energy consuming equipment, settings and systems: industrial enterprises, structures, housings arrays; objects of agro industrial complex and transport; thermal and atomic electric stations; objects of production, transport, distributing of power mediums, defense of environment from contamination of production financial power and radiation wastes.
Scientific activity was begun from the moment of formation of department after the row of directions from which in 70th organized three basic:
              heat-mass exchange in the gas-liquid systems (vehicles of the deep burning);
              heat-transfer in double thermo siphon systems;
              intensification heat-exchange in pellicle vehicles.
The conducted researches allowed to develop and inculcate in different industries of industry the high-efficiency thermo siphon systems of cooling and heating of industrial aims, distillers, vaporizing systems and condensers.
Cycle of works of "Research and development of centrifugal distillers for the systems of regeneration of water in the pilot-controlled space complexes" (leader of professor. V.G. Rifert) is marked the State bonus of Ukraine in the area of science 1987.
Under the direction of Laureate of the State bonus of Ukraine in the area of science (1995.) and the International bonus of ASSAD (2000.) of professor M.O. Wild new technology is created on principle "Water bearer", which does not have analogues, and equipment which IT will realize.
Students take part in research work. Their scientific labors are marked many rewards of different sort. For period from 1960 more than 60 graduating students of department protected a candidate and 8 persons doctoral dissertations.
During many years a department prepares engineers and candidates of engineering sciences for the row of foreign countries of Europe, Asia and Africa and supports copulas with the research and educational centers of Ukraine and other countries.
A department is founded in 1934. and entered in the complement of power faculty of the Kiev industrial institute under name "Cathedra of theoretical bases of heating engineering".
In 1951. in decision of government on a department preparation of engineers began after speciality "Industrial Thermo energetic ", and a department got the name which keeps to presently.
Scientific activity of department of TPT
On a department a few scientific groups were formed, where scientific staff men and by-workers are with bringing in of students, under guidance and after direct participation of doctors and candidates of sciences carry out researches and development on their basis of high-efficiency heat-exchange equipment for different industries of industry.
      theoretical and experimental researches of processes of hydrodynamics and heat-and-mass transfer in the diphasic reserved thermosiphons ; development and creation of industrial heat-transmitting vehicles and devices is on their basis.
      theoretical and experimental researches of processes of hydrodynamics and heat-and-mass transfer at phase transformations; intensification of heat exchange is at phase transformations.
      theoretical and experimental researches in an area ecologically clean and resource-saving energy, the purpose of which is creation of high-efficiency heat-and-mass exchanged vehicles of the different setting of contact type .
Steam-gas plant SGP "Water bearer"
"Water bearer" realize technology of the combined production of electric and thermal energy, which does not have analogues in world science and practice, it is energy saving and ecologically clean. It is developed by NTUU "KPI" and NVP "Mashproekt". its application decreases fuel expenses in 1,7 times on the production of electric and thermal energy comparing with technology that operates in Ukraine .
For introduction in practice of technology "Water bearer" by the International union of aviation propulsion engineering ( Moscow) in 2000 the bonus of ASSAD was awarded.

The vehicles of the air cooling of gas (DOAC) are intended for cooling gas to the temperature not higher than 45 with the purpose to increase the productivity of gas pipeline.
One of ways of perfection DOAC is an increase of coefficient of heat transfer of heat-exchange pipes of vehicles. Introduction of pipes with the longitudinal profiling internal surface of base pipes (degree of ribbing j =3)in DOAC, developed by TMAU together with the State pipe institute (Dnipropetrovsk), , and also modernization of present external ribbing allows to carry out intensification of heat transfer to 2 times, and to decrease sizes by 30...60 % as compared to the existing. The increase of cost of the developed pipes will take place not more than on 10-15 %.
Devices are intended for the receipt of distillate in medical and pharmacological
establishments, laboratories of the different setting, in the way of life and on industrial enterprises.
Distillers DE-4-1U and DE-25-1U allow to get the distillate of double distillation.
Patented in Ukraine.
             Brought in the State register of medical wares. Registration certification
Health Department of Ukraine 533/97.
One of the perspective directions in an energy consumption in the sphere of heat input is transition
from centralized heat input to the local heated systems. Local systems of heat input allow to cut down fuel expenses, both due to removal of significant losses in thermal networks and due to possibility easily to co-ordinate capacity of heat input sources with heat consumption of objects of heat input.
         It provides partial condensation of aquatic pair which appeared at burning fuels, and great quantity of heat segrerates. Due to it a coefficient of efficiency calculated on lower calorific possibility of fuel can exceed 100 %.
Absence of heat-exchange surfaces allows to discard from chemical water purification at all, that substantially simplifies and reduces in price exploitation of contact water heaters.
Gas-ring of original construction which enters in the complement of water heater allows to burn a fuel high-quality, as a result emissions of harmful matters in an atmosphere decreases.
As a result of industrial exploitation of the contact water heater such indexes of its work were got:
          provide the cost of fuel cutting more than on 25 %;
          temperature of the heated water at nominal thermal power, 0 -    85:
          optimum temperature of reverse network water, scope, 0   - 40...47;
          mid-coefficient of the use of heat, attributed to lower calorific possibility of fuel and calculated   on direct balance % - 103.
Group of research workers of department for the cycle of works "Research and development of heat-exchange equipment for the systems of regeneration of water on the pilot-controlled space complexes" it is awarded with the State bonus of Ukraine in the area of SciTech.
Students take part in research work. Their scientific labours are awarded with many rewards of different sort. For period from 1960. more than 60 graduating students of department protected a candidate and 8 persons doctoral dissertations.

The managers of department in different times were:
associate professor Serdyukov P.t.,
DPhil, professor. Kichigin M.Î.,
candidate of science, associate professor Romanenko S.V.
candidate of science, associate professor Butuzov O.I.
DPhil, professor. Alabovskiy o.m.
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tel. 75-88, 90-92, e-mail: bezrodny@users.kpi.ua

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