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Automation of heat-and-power engineering processes

Nuclear power stations and engineering thermal physics

Automation of projection of power processes and system

Theoretic and industrial heating engineering

Heat-and-power engineering plants of thermoelectric and nuclear power stations


Nuclear power stations and engineering thermal physics /

About sub-department

Department AEC Trains:

• Bachelors in the direction of 6.0905 - "Energy";
• masters and engineers in the field:
• 7.090502 - "Nuclear energy;
• 7.090505 - "Boilers and Reactors;
• 7.090511 - "Thermophysics.

Specialty 7. 090502 - "Nuclear Power" graduates working with complex technical objects, which uses nuclear technology: managing nuclear power plants, their installation, repair and adjustment, are engaged in simulated neutronic and thermal hidravlychnyh processes in plant equipment, problems reliability and nuclear safety, issues of risk management objective and work with databases, working in international projects on nuclear and radiation safety. These activities require extensive engineering, physics and mathematics and computer training, ability to work with modern software codes, knowledge of foreign languages.

Specialty 7. 090511 - Thermophysics "Students enrolled in the field of Heat Engineering, prepared primarily for scientific research in various fields of science and technology: energy, aviation and space technology, industry, radio electronics and others. In his practice Thermophysics involved numerical modeling of thermal and hydrodynamic processes (including three-dimensional) based on the latest computer software packages, experimental studies of these processes, development of efficient heat exchange equipment, alternative energy, energy issues, ensuring optimal operation modes of electronic equipment . Within the specialty of Thermophysics is a specialization of "Computer Technology in teplofizytsi.

Specialty 7. 090505 - Boilers and Reactors "Graduates can perform calculations, design, installation, repair and adjustment of boilers, heat-mechanical equipment of thermal and nuclear power stations. They are also experts on the problems of fuel, combustion, energy, environmental emissions from boilers, diagnostics and reliability of boilers and their auxiliaries. Special attention to training in this specialty is paid to methods of computer-aided design, possession of modern graphics software packages.

The department has developed a research of where the participation of teachers, researchers and students is a large amount of research and development work in the field of conventional and nuclear energy, energy efficiency, improve reliability and safety of thermal and nuclear power plants, development of new high-heat exchangers and methods of their calculation. The department developed equipment based on heat pipes for cooling and termostabilizatsiyi onboard electronic devices satellites "January", "ocean" of space probes Vega, Phobos, first Mikrosputnik Ukraine, Germany and Bohemia, compact heat exchangers for waste heat utilization gas boilers, new types of advanced heat transfer surfaces that allow significantly lower metal power equipment.

The department involved in international scientific projects with the United States, Germany, Czechia, Mexico and Russia. Training of engineers in the field of steam boilers in the mechanical department began the Kiev Polytechnic Institute in the first days of its establishment, ie in 1898. Department of boilers was established
in 1903 and prepared engineers for the design and operation of steam boilers.
In 1938, the Department joined the faculty of thermal power KPI entitled "Department of boilers.
In 1957 the department was created Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Gas Dynamics, direction of research is determined thermophysical problems such fields as nuclear energy, space and aviation technology, electronics, kotlobuduvannya.

Due to the urgent need for specialist thermal physics, in 1964 the department opened a specialty "Thermophysics. Given the rapid development of nuclear power in Ukraine and fruitful scientific work of the department in this area in 1985 began training engineers in the field of atomic energy "and the department received its present name. At various times headed the department:
• Degree of Professor AJ (1903-1928 biennium)
• Professor Usenko TT (1928-1930 biennium)
• Professor Kontakion MA (1930-1931 biennium, 1934-1938 biennium)
• Associate Professor Serdyukov PT (1931-1934 biennium)
• Academician VI Tolubynskyy (1938-1964 biennium)
• Professor Ornatskyy AP (1964-1976 biennium)
• Professor Dashkiyev YG (1976-1989 biennium)
• Associate Professor Konshyn VI (1989-1994 biennium)
• Professor literate EM from 1995

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